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General Queries


If you have a query regarding a SCOTT or GTAC submission, please email

The SCOTT team can also be contacted using in-ERM correspondences.


If you have a query regarding scope, turnaround times or follow-up on where a submission is (not technical support), the HDEC team can be contacted at the following:


An FAQ is also available on the HDEC website.

The HDEC team can also be contacted using in-ERM correspondences.

Postal address:
Ministry of Health
Health and Disability Ethics Committees
PO Box 5013
Wellington 6140

Street address:
133 Molesworth Street 
Wellington 6011

Technical Support

If you have a technical issue with Ethics RM (such as an issue with a form, or needing assistance with permissions/access), please contact:  in the first instance to see if we can assist. An Ethics RM manual is also available.

Technical support for the Ethics RM software is also available from the Infonetica IT help desk. Please do not email both helpdesks as this will result in double handling. If one  helpdesk is unable to assist it will advise contacting the other.

Tel: 0800 634 758 or +64 4 9747675 Assistance is available from 12.01pm to 6pm NZT Mon to Fri (The Helpdesk is situated in Sydney, Australia).


If the line is busy or if you are calling out of hours please email us at using the Helpdesk Request template so that we can attend to your issue sooner. Otherwise stay on the line and leave a detailed message after the voicemail. Please provide your -

  • Country - NZ;
  • Full Name and email address used for login;
  • Title of project and Project ID (URL and screenshots of the full screen are also useful);
  • Short message describing the issue. Please include -
    • full page screen shots
    • copy/paste the URL from the address bar of your browser e.g. 
    • email address that you used to login into the system e.g. Mr Test Applicant (
    • Identifying details of your project and details of the issue you are experiencing
  • If you wish to locate the owner of a study, please provide -
    • Project title
    • HDEC/SCOTT reference number

Please keep your contact details up to date in Personal Details (top right hand corner) so that you can help us help you.

IS THE SYSTEM SLOW FOR YOU? Please ask your IT department to check the packet shaping/filtering and to prioritise  In the event there is a bottleneck in your network this could potentially speed things up. Another reason for the delay can also be due to your Organisation's firewall. 

ARE YOU GETTING ERRORS IN INTERNET EXPLORER? Ethics RM CANNOT be used in Internet Explorer as it is no longer a supported browser as of 31st July 2021. Please use alternate browser eg Chrome, Edge.

Please contact the HDEC secretariat for questions about the HDEC review process or responses to provisional approval decisions via