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Your study documents

The data migration from the current system to the new one happens over two weekends. The first weekend brings all ETHICS RM study data and meta data. You will be able to see all of your study documents from 1 September, however you cannot open the supporting documents. This is due to the substantial amount of data needing to transfer.

The second weekend starting 4th September will migrate all supporting documents. From 8 September you can open all supporting documents.

Provisional approved studies

For studies that are currently provisionally approved before 1 September - you will need to submit your documents via email to with ‘Response to Provisional Approval PRE ETHICS RM’ in title. Going forward all new provisional approvals will be submitted through ETHICS RM. The Secretariat will upload the documents and send them for review.

You can see more information about ETHICS RM at

HDEC application volume and meetings

We have experienced an all-time high of HDEC submissions over the last 2 months and expect this to continue through until the end of the year. We are holding an additional meeting on 31st August and will seek to hold more meetings. Please appreciate that many ethics committee members are busy during level 4.

We can assure you we are doing everything we can to hold additional meetings and will keep you updated on what meetings are full.

As at today 31 August 2021, August and September full HDEC meetings are nearly 100% full, with 12 applications, the limit in our SOP.

Once we assess the submissions from 1 September we will update you again on our website and splash page (ETHICS RM home page).